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2009 Cadillac CTS-V - rlw020987

2009 Cadillac Cts V 1
Owner:   rlw020987
Year: 2009
Make: Cadillac
Model: CTS-V
Est.Horsepower: 700
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About my CTS-V

This was my dream car for the last 5 years since they released the concept back in 2008. I loved the body style but feared I would never be able to afford one since they priced them in the high 60,000 dollar price range. Plus at the time I had just turned 21 and just started a new job. In August of last year the dream that I thought may never come true did. I flew to Houston Tx to buy my dream car. I drove it home with much excitement and pride. Once I got it home little did I relize that this purchase would turn into a little comptition between me and a friend. In December my friend went out and bought a 2011 ZR1 Corvette and it all began. From January to March he and I were consumed with trying to get our cars ready for the up and coming Tx mile. Our little shop had more GM high performace parts strung through it then some actual performace shops. We managed to finish the cars up with no time to spare. Our good friend at Henderson Performace in New Braunfels Tx was kind enough to squeeze us in so we could make the races. My car came first and it put down an amazing 700rwhp, but the the king of the Corvettes got strapped down and put down an amazing 775rwhp. Both cars did amazing. My CTS-V went 189.6mph in the standing mile which is faster then I ever dreamed. While not to be out done the Vette did a 195mph. Needless to say that this dream car lived up to the dream!!!

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