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2009 Chevrolet HHR - soviet2002

2009 Chevrolet Hhr 1
Owner:   soviet2002
Year: 2009
Make: Chevrolet
Model: HHR
Est.Horsepower: 400
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About my HHR

This is my HHR SS Panel which is 1 of 216 made by chevy. Its has all factory Options beside the rpd. Performance package and factory Brembos. I upgraded from the factory turbo to a Garrett GTX3076R Which flows about 51/52lbs per min. My mods consist of: ZZP intake, Dejon hotside pipe, greddy Type s Bov, ZZP Intercooler, ZZP lower chrage pipe with Maf relocate, Custom turbo kit, GTX3076R, custom 3" downpipe,3" Dual side exhaust with magnaflow muffler, Traction Bars,Drag Bags, Hptuners tune by James rakes, GM 3bar sensors, Ky Stage 3 clutch,TTR solid motor mount and trans mounts, Drilled/slotted rotors. Still on stock motor and trans. For more info on this build or on HHR SS in general check out! Grin

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