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2000 Pontiac Firebird - henryebay22

2000 Pontiac Firebird 2000 Ws6
Owner:   henryebay22
Year: 2000
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
Est.Horsepower: 450
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About my Firebird

Little about my car, bought it 3 years ago as a stock car that had been raced with nitrous. Shortly after i started modding it to keep up with the local competition in Texas. So with a used cam and a milled set of 243's and ls6 manifold, a 3600 stall i had a best of 12.4 NA that summer. Mind you where i race the D/A is almost never better than 4k ft or so. Shortly thereafter came the Strange 12 bolt and full suspension.
But that wasnt enough to satisfy my itch for speed, i had a goal to run 10's on a stock cube LS1 and i was determined to get it. Placed a call to Mamo Motorsports and soon components where arriving! After almost a year of downtime to finance the project and make extensive upgrades and modifications to accommodate the increase in power.
This past summer i was finally able to get it to track and clicked off a best of 11.6 NA right off the trailer. A few months later once the weather cleared up again i headed to the track with one goal, 10's or bust!! It being the last track event of the season i was keen on getting that and after fighting the inclement weather i was able to get my 10 slip on a 100 shot with a 10.9 @ 125.9.
Thanks for reading and i hope someone at GMHTP sees this  :smile:

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